Friday, August 9, 2013

Through the cracks & feeding

Although Layla enjoys the cushions, the puppies occasionally crawl away and drop down.  Unable to walk/stand, it is too difficult to get back.  Putting more cushions doesn't help much.  We needed to prop bin lids along the sides of the cushions to keep the puppies up on top.  It is tiresome for the pups to cram in with one another so they will fall asleep long as they can smell and feel Layla, they are content.  Before this photo was taken, Layla was sitting up and 5/9 puppies were sleeping.  Stroking her head and massaging her ears/neck/mouth relaxed her to lay on her side.  We pick up some of pups and put them near a gland to feed.  Although they were sleepy, they instinctively know feeding time is priority and they instantly start sucking.  We left the other 2 pups asleep and will rotate them to mom so it's not always a big struggle.

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